CCAN: our role in cancer control

Since 2001, CCAN has served as an umbrella organization dedicating to connecting member organizations from across Canada to work underway in cancer control. Today, CCAN represents the views and interests of diverse member organizations working together in support of the innovative “CCAN Collaborative Model of Engagement,” an approach that serves as a virtual bridge to connect organizations across Canada to one another ensuring work underway in cancer control moves forward in unison. Through partnerships and resource sharing, CCAN works collaboratively with stakeholders in order to maintain momentum, avoid duplication and advance shared areas of interest to patients, caregivers and their families.

CCAN is an organization that believes in the value of collaboration. With continued funding in 2014-2016 from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, and working under one umbrella, the Canadian patient community is measurably influencing change and accelerating action, contributing to an improved health-care system for all Canadians. WE:

  • Embed a patient/caregiver perspective to work underway
  • Lead informed dialogue (creative solutions leading to action)
  • Support acceleration of the national cancer control strategy
  • Connect member organizations to cancer control initiatives
  • Promote knowledge transfer


A snapshot of CCAN Membership