CCAN Code of Conduct Governing Corporate Funding

The CCAN Code of Conduct Governing Corporate Funding is a commitment undertaken by member organizations represented on CCAN Members Council who, at their option, elect to adhere to specific policies regarding their financial relationships with commercial entities. The CCAN Code of Conduct Governing Corporate Funding came into effect (for those organizations that have chosen to sign) on January 01st, 2012 and is intended to minimize the impact of real, potential or perceived conflict of interest that may arise when patient organizations accept financial support from companies.

Guiding Principles

The Code was developed based on the following guiding principles:

  • Patient Interests. All activities of the CCAN member organization will be conducted in accordance with the best interests of patients, of the organization and of CCAN as a whole.
  • Integrity and Scrutiny. Organizations shall perform their duties in a manner that will withstand public scrutiny.
  • Respect. Organizations will respect the stakeholder relations policies of the companies with which they are involved.
  • Impartiality and Transparency. Organizations should ensure that they are impartial and objective and decisions are made on the basis of merit. They will be as open as possible about all actions that they take and advice that they provide.
  • Accountability. Organizations accept accountability for their compliance with the Code and ensure that their sponsors are familiar with the Code.