The following points are for those of you who are less familiar with navigating electronic documents. If, as you use the program, you think of any other helpful tips, please contact us and those ideas will be added to this document.

  1. Left Hand Menu. Begin by carefully reviewing the far left hand menu. When you click on an item, it will expand to show detailed content.
  2. Program Script. The last item on the left hand menu is Program Script. The Program Script is a hardcopy of the program; slides and narrative. It is a pdf document that does take some time to load, but once loaded it can be downloaded, saved, and printed.
  3. Moving Through the Program. As described in the introduction, clicking on next video moves you ahead in the program. But, please note that when each new section uploads, you will see a still screen with a capture of one part of the video. The screen has a arrow in the centre, that once it is clicked will start the video.
  4. Speed of Loading. The videos are linked to YOU TUBE. The speed with which they upload, depends on the speed of your internet access and power of your computer. Light and high speed internet work relatively quickly. People using older access with a slower laptop have found the speed of loading to be very slow.
  5. French. Currently this program is available in ENGLISH ONLY.