In order to ensure a strong patient perspective is firmly embedded in the many cancer control initiatives and activities underway, the Canadian Cancer Action Network is committed to building partnerships and developing valuable linkages with diverse stakeholders.

We are grounded in the belief that in order to advance Canada’s cancer control strategy, meaningful progress will require collaboration.

At the provincial and regional level, we link our work with other patient-centered cancer organizations or agencies where there is a natural correlation. On a pan-Canadian scale, we explore opportunities to develop collaborations that allow us to further advance our key priority areas while addressing core patient issues of concern to Canadians.

Canadian Medical Association

As a patient-centred umbrella organization working closely with patient advocacy groups and key cancer control stakeholders across Canada, CCAN is grounded in the belief that in order to advance efforts to achieve universal and timely access to quality care and treatment, a patient-centred approach must be firmly embedded in health care transformation.

In February 2013, the Canadian Cancer Action Network endorsed the guiding Principles for Health Care Transformation in Canada as developed by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA).