Everyone wants to be happy all the time, and often strives for this perfect ideal, but the reality is that everyone will have their ups and downs in life. Your home or vehicle might need expensive maintenance, we might have problems at work, our marriages might fail. These events cause us stress and even sometimes depression, so it's important to know how to combat it in order to stay healthy and continue to look forward to and enjoy our happier times. Here are some tips on how to beat stress and depression.

Count Your Blessings

It's very easy, when we're worried about the radiation products at work making us sterile or the fact that the car is going to need repairs soon, to forget all the great things we do have. Instead of dwelling on what's going wrong in your life and magnifying your stress, shrink it by focusing on the good things. If you still have a loving spouse, bright children, or your health, these are things to be glad about. Trust yourself to solve your problems and they won't seem like such big hurdles.

Look Forward

The most stressful part of a difficult time is facing the possibility that it could keep going on and on or even getting worse. But nothing lasts forever. Just as there are cloudy days and sunny days both, the dark times in your life will give way to happier ones. Look forward to them. It's best if you have come concrete date to anticipate, like the day you go down to pay off your mortgage, so get into the habit of planning the good stuff, like vacations and holidays, in advance. It gives you something to count down the days to.

Put Yourself First

We all want to help our friends and family, but when others' troubles like suffering a loss, or dealing with financial troubles are doubling or trebling your own stress levels, it's time to cut them loose. Sympathize but don't worry on their behalf. Remind yourself often that "It's not my problem." Then take the time out to exercise, meditate, play games, or whatever helps you de-stress, even if it means giving up a commitment to someone else.

Get Help When Needed

Most of the time these measures will be enough, but if the combined stress of your financial woes, family problems, and work troubles are affecting your quality of life, you need to get help. Talk to a therapist about what's bothering you. If you're suffering the pain of anxiety or depression, see your doctor for medication that will get you back on track.

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