Everyone has heard the phrase "you are what you eat" before and most know that it means that those who eat healthy will live healthy lives. Variations of this statement actually date back as far as 1826 and came from philosophers far before they came out of the world or everyone from chefs in Hollywood working with the top celebrities to specialized dentist clinics speaking to their patients. Even back then it was known that there was a direct connection between what we eat and everything from our physical state to our emotions and attitudes.

Food is something that we all need to survive. Food products are broken up into carbohydrates (definition of carbohydrates), protein and fats and our bodies use all of these in a different way. Carbs require the least amount of energy to digest so they are the main thing that fuels most people's bodily functions. While you can survive without any items from this group, it is recommended that it accounts for between 55% and 75% of your daily food intake. Protein helps you build muscle and aids in body growth while fats contain many essential vitamins. When you're looking at the pantries of homes you will likely notice an assortment of all of these groups.

When it comes to leading a balanced life you are generally looking to balance the foods that you eat as well. While there are many elimination diets out there that ask you to go without carbs or fats, the truth is that this is not the road to long-term good health. Each person's perfect balance of food is going to depend one their body type and the life that they lead. A tall man who works repairing pumps is likely going to need a different diet than a teenaged girl.

Foods have the ability to help you get on tract with your health and put you into trouble. If you're eating too much salt in your diet this might result in high blood pressure. On the other hand, if you're told that you have low iron or a B12 deficiency than you can right this problem by incorporating more red meat into your diet. You can think of the working of your body like the systems that run a home. If you want an efficient home than you might use an instant water heater than a standard design. If you want to help your body out than you might make healthier food choices with less chemicals that your body can digest easily.

The next time you're at a buffet or looking at the food at an event you should think of how all of the different food choices are going to affect your body and mood. While you don't have to make the smart and healthy choice every time, it is good to build a balanced diet.

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