Lately you've probably been hearing a lot of talk around your home and community seeing a lot of attention on the news given to local growers. Popular opinion has it that we should buy as much as we can from local growers, but have you ever stopped to wonder why? If you know the reasoning behind it, you're more likely to want to go out of your way and make the effort to support local growers. This article is devoted to the beneficial effects of buying local.

First of all, from a purely economic standpoint, buying local food is supporting the local community. It may be cheaper for us to fill our houses with strawberries grown in California and vegetables imported from South America, but when you spend your money on these products, it ends up in California or South America, with only a small percentage staying in the hands of local retailers. Whereas if you buy local produce all of the money you spend stays in the community, split between the retailer and the grower.

Secondly, buying local reduced the need to transport produce over hundreds or even thousands of kilometers. Industrial transport such as cargo or container ships and 18 wheel truck contribute a large part of the greenhouse gases which are threatening our planet with climate change. Buy local and the food only has to come from a few kilometers outside of town, greatly reducing the amount of fuel burned in transporting it and reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Thirdly, when you buy local, you know what you're getting. When you bring foreign produce into your home, you're never really sure what's coming along with it. Government Food and Drug agencies and customs try to eliminate any residual chemicals or pests that are hitching a ride on your food, but they can't catch everything. If you buy local, you can actually visit the farmer's operation and see first hand everything he or she puts into or on his or her products.

Fourthly, if you buy local, you are establishing yourself as someone who cares about the community and is on the cutting edge of the current trends. In many neighbourhoods where there are a lot of environment or community conscious people, this will make you new friends. It will also set a good example for your children, who will inherit the brunt of any environmental problems we perpetuate in our own time. Ideal Warehouse Innovations, provider of pushback racking maintenance, would like people reading this article to know that their company proudly supports local business whenever it is possible.

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