You name the topic, there's virtually guaranteed to be a debate on it. Unless it's something that everyone can agree is morally and reprehensibly wrong you will have two sides debating the issue. Oceanside real estate prices, LeBron James, stem cell research, weight loss diets, hot dog toppings, etc. Everyone will always have an opinion on whatever the subject matter is. The topic doesn't tend to matter to the public at large unless it's a topic that affects them personally.

The pesticide debate would be one such issue that the public would like to be kept up-to-date on. Why is that? Well, because it affects our health. In the short term and the long term. There are plenty of people who can debate on issues such as whether or not the HST is a good or bad thing for as long as they want because no one is getting physically hurt or ill from the HST. Pesticides, on the other hand, can actually do damage to our bodies.

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There are many concerned citizens and environmentalists out there who are totally against banning the use of pesticides for cosmetic purposes and believe that pesticides are unhealthy if they come in contact with people, either because produce we eat or the weeds around are homes are sprayed with pesticides. Yet, there are still some experts out three who disagree on whether or not the produce we eat is unhealthy or dangerous if sprayed with certain pesticides. There are some debates you can have such as which brand of cloth diapers is best to use on your newborn babies because you can test out a variety of cloth diapers and you will be able to single-handedly choose for yourself which is best. There might be varying opinions on the answer but at least you will be able to have an answer you can live with.

The pesticide debate is different though because there is no clear cut answer. At least no answer that will have a firm backing from both groups arguing for or against cosmetic pesticide use. Until that day comes when there is a definitive answer that states, one way or the other, that pesticides used on fruit, vegetables, our own property, etc, are good or bad, then this debate will carry on. Even if there is an answer that leads in one direction this debate might carry on regardless. Especially if the government doesn't come out with a stance on it. So, for now, the produce you buy for your home might very well be sprayed with something unless otherwise stated. It's up to you if you want to eat it or not.

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